Associazione Astrofili Trentini
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Deed of Partnership

Italian Republic

On October 12th 1981, in Trento, Piazza Silvio Pellico 5, in my office.

Before me, Dr. FRANCO MARCHESONI, Notary in Trento, registered in tht Notarial College of Trento's and Rovereto's United Districts, by previous agreement on renunciation of the witness' attendance, the following men are present:

of whom identity me, Notary, I am sure.

art. 1

Among the Appearers is constituted an Association called "ASSOCIAZIONE ASTROFILI TRENTINI" (Trento Amateur Astronomers Association).

art. 2

The seat of the Association is in Trento, at the Tridentine Museum of Natural Science, via Calepina 14.

art. 3

Object of the Association is that stated by art. 3 of the Charter, to which we make express and integral reference.

art. 4

The Association is regulated by this deed and by the Charter, composed by 19 articles, which, subscribed by the Appearers and me, I attach to this deed, after reading it to the Appearers.

art. 5

These men are appointed as members of the first Board of Governors:

    RIZZOLLI ETTORE, as Chairman
    CAINELLI PAOLO, as Vice-Chairman
    ELENA MIRCO, as Secretary
    SCOTONI MARIO, as Councillors.

art. 6

These men are appointed as Auditors, for the first two financial years:

    DALLAPORTA SERGIO, as Chairman

art. 7

These men are appointed as Arbitrators:

    SAMUELLI TARCISIO, as Chairman

art. 8

The enrollment fee is established as follows: Lit. 5.000.-(five thousand) for the ordinary members and Lit. 10.000.-(ten thousand) for the contributing members.

art. 9

The Board Chairman is appointed to accept and introduce into this deed and into the Charter every modification, addition and abolition, requested by the competent Organs and Authorities, in order to conform them to the provisions of law in force.

On request, I, Notary, have received this deed, read by me to the Appearers who approve it. It consists of two sheets, typewritten by a confidential person on three pages and part of the fourth.

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