Associazione Astrofili Trentini
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The Board of Governors

According to the Charter of the Association, at the beginning of the year the Assembly of the members elects the Board of Governors, composed by five councillors which distribute among themselves the social offices. Task of the Board is to promote and direct the activity of the Association, by stimulating all members to cooperate and defining external relations.
The Board of Governors periodically meets at the seat of the Association; these meetings are usually open to everybody.

For the year 2006, the Board of Governors is composed by these members:

ChairmanNicoletta Merlo (e-mail)
Vice-chairmanAndrea Gelpi (e-mail)
Councillors Mauro Ianeselli (e-mail)
Paolo Grassi (e-mail)
Stefania Merlo (e-mail)
SegretarioStefania Merlo (e-mail)
Secretary - TreasurerAlberto Capriglioni (e-mail)

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