English nameHydrus

alpha Hydrimagn. 3,0RA: 01h 58m 46.15sDec: -61 34' 11.5"
beta Hydrimagn. 2,9RA: 00h 25m 43.76sDec: -77 15' 16.3"
gamma Hydrimagn. 3,2RA: 03h 47m 14.35sDec: -74 14' 20.5"

DescriptionNot very remarkable constellation, to the south of Achernar, the principal star of Eridanus. The only interesting object is pi Hydris, a double visible to the naked eye too, near the border with Horologium: its components are a red star and an orange star, both of fifth magnitude.

and history
The constellation was drawn by the Dutch navigators Pieters Dirkszoon Keyser and Frederik de Houtman towards the end of the XVI century.

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