English nameShield

No star of the constellation exceeds the magnitude 3,5.

DescriptionSmall constellation between Aquila and Sagittarius. In spite of its dimensions, it contains some interesting objects, besides rich stellar fields of the Milky Way.

Delta Scuti is the prototype of a rare class of variable stars, which have small oscillations of brightness in a very brief period. This star, in particular, varies from the magnitude 4,6 to the 4,7 in 4 hours and 40 minutes: the deviation of magnitude is too small to be valued to the naked eye.

M11M11 is an open cluster composed by two hundred stars: it is nicknamed Wild Duck Cluster, since the disposition of its stars remembers a ducks' fan-shaped flight. To resolve the single stars you need a rather powerful instrument.

and history
The constellation was drawn in 1684 by Johannes Hevelius. At first it took the name of Scutum Sobiescianum, in honor of the king of Poland John III Sobieski: it is the only still used constellation which was traced for politic reasons.

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