English nameTriangle

beta Triangulimagn. 3,1RA: 02h 09m 32.59sDec: +34 59' 14.2"

DescriptionSmall constellation, not very brilliant but with a characteristic shape: it is situated between Aries and Andromeda.

M33The only interesting object contained by Triangulum is M33, near the border with Pisces, a galaxy which is a member of the Local Cluster, just like our Milky Way and the galaxy of Andromeda. It is wide but not very bright: to observe it you need a telescope with ample field and low enlargement.

and history
The Greeks called this constellation Deltoton, considering that it remembers the shape of a capital delta. Aratus speaks about it as an isosceles triangle; for Eratostenes it represents the Nile mouth; Hyginus identifies it with the Trinacria island, that is Sicily.

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