English nameSail

gamma Velorummagn. 1,9RA: 08h 09m 31.99sDec: -47 20' 12.0"
delta Velorummagn. 2,0RA: 08h 44m 42.23sDec: -54 42' 29.7"
kappa Velorummagn. 2,6RA: 09h 22m 06.85sDec: -55 00' 38.5"
lambda Velorummagn. 2,2RA: 09h 07m 59.80sDec: -43 25' 57.2"
my Velorummagn. 2,8RA: 10h 46m 46.18sDec: -49 25' 12.2"
SAO 237067magn. 3,0RA: 09h 31m 13.30sDec: -57 02' 04.1"

DescriptionConstellation of middling dimensions, situated to the north of Carina, between Centaurus and Puppis.

It doesn't contain any particular objects, apart two open clusters: IC 2391, visible to the naked eye too, and NGC 2547, composed by about fifty stars some of which reach the seventh magnitude (it is easily observable with simple binoculars).

and history
The constellation represents the sails of the Argonauts' ship (see the mythology of Carina).

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