English nameLittle Fox

No star of the constellation exceeds the magnitude 3,5.

DescriptionSmall constellation to the south of Cygnus.

Near the border with Sagitta, a little above the 20 degrees of declination, there is a small group of stars, of sixth and seventh magnitude, disposed in a very curious manner: there is a straight line of six stars, from the middle of which four other stars branch off so that they form a hook. The whole composition draws with notable likelihood a small dress-hanger.

M27A little far there is M27, a big planetary nebula nicknamed Dumbbell because of its characteristic shape. It is visible with small instruments too, but only as a weak luminosity: to see it better you need big telescopes.

and history
The constellation was drawn in 1687 by Johannes Hevelius. At first it took the name of Vulpecula et Anser, considering that it represented a fox with a goose in the mouth.

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